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View from an Istrian Villa

Who we are and what we do?

The small company developed from the idea of having its own holiday home in Croatia at the end of 2020.
Like many who have such a dream, the problem is a struggle and fight with hurdles.

On our way to the goal, we made a lot of experience and decided to make the dream of property possible for others.

In the Fels Family d.o.o., we can assure you that you should not have any doubts about the feasibility of buying a property in Croatia.
Everything runs as you know it from your home country. The same administrative procedures, the same securities from notaries, etc.

You can rely on us as a partner.
Our goal is to remove doubts, uncertainties and eliminate problems for you.

Get in touch with us and you will see what we mean.
We are definitely different. Always here to support your goal.

Different in every kind and ready to fulfill your dream
FELS, Solid as a rock, with the foundation of trust, honesty, respect, friendship, the real values of a family!

FELS Family d.o.o. does things differently. transparent, supportive and with a long-term relationship.

Started as business partners and ended up as friends so that everybody involved is happy with the product!
We want a trustful and friendly cooperation with you, to support you in making your vision of your own house a reality.

We are a company, yes.

But we are not a big real estate firm that wants to build, sell and create profit. We want a long-term relationship and want you on board if you decide to go for Croatia.
We can support you in several areas and we can build a house according to your ideas. With clear, transparent and honest handling like you are used to, but even better!
We are ready for your questions, doubts and needs.

Feel free to call us at any time if you want to have more information.

Željko Ereiz - CEO / Founder
Željko Ereiz - CEO / Founder
Thomas Riemarski - CEO / Founder
Thomas Riemarski - CEO / Founder